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Are you looking to start archery in a club with a metal grip recurve bow?We have developed this complete set. It's made just for you!
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4.25 / 5 16 ratings

User Benefits

Metal grip. Dynamic limbs made from laminated fibreglass and foam
Ease of use
An ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold.
Easy assembly / dismantling
Screw-in limbs. False string supplied, making it easier to set up bow string
Metal grip.


Structure : 70.0% Aluminium, Structure : 20.0% Glass - Fiber (FG), Structure : 10.0% Polyamide
Designed to
starting archery at club level. This bow allows you to shoot up to 50 m away using arrows with steel arrowheads.
2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).


Storage instructions
Dismantle bow after use to prolong lifespan of limbs and preserve string's effectiveness. Store away from damp and heat.
Restrictions for use
Never leave children doing archery unsupervised by an adult.


68 inches = 26 lbs.
This pack includes a complete set: removable limbs, metal grip, false string, string, nocking set, plastic arrow rest.
Standard inserts for attaching sight, cushion plunger, and stabilizers. Make sure to use arrows best suited to your bow's draw weight and your draw length.
/!\ Never leave a bow in the hands of child that is not under constant supervision, store bow and arrows out of their reach /!\ Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres /!\ Never take aim at: a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear /!\ Before each shot inspect arrow to check it is in good condition, remove your arrows when nobody is behind you /!\ Failure to follow safety instructions can lead to FATAL INJURIES.
To optimise performance, think to replace string and arrow rest in the event of visible wearing.

Users reviews

4.25 / 5 16 ratings
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  • Man
    Under 20 years old
    13 September 2019
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    I like it so much but it's price is so hi so please give some discounts on it.
    Thanks for this wonderful product.

  • Man
    +60 years old
    17 April 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Beschäftigung für die ganze Familie in Coronazeite

    Wir sind Anfänger und kommen, nachdem wir uns noch ein paar Videos angeschaut haben, immer besser mit dem Bogen zurecht. Für den Preis ein super Teil mit genug persönlichen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten nach oben.

    Brand's answer :

    Hallo Helmut,

    schön, dass ihr so gut mit dem Bogen Club 700 harmoniert. Durch das Mittelteil aus Metall mit genormten Bohrungen für Visier, Button und Stabilisatoren kannst du später weitere Hilfsmittel montieren, um deine Präzision auf längere Entfernungen weiter zu steigern.

    Alle ins Gold,

    mit sportlichen Grüßen Christoph Team DECATHLON

  • Man
    20-29 years old
    08 March 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    No hay mucho que opinar, es un arco perfecto para la gente de nivel intermedio o casual para poder practicar con toda libertad; firmeza, estabilidad, fuerza... lo tiene todo.

    Única cosa a destacar, quizás para las personas menos experimentada que en la cuerda venga ya instalado el punto de enflechamiento. Quizás podría ayudar a mucha gente y no es algo demasiado complicado.