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Are you looking to further develop your archery skills at CLUB level? We have designed this set, a recurve bow, metal grip to take with you on your first attempts at competition level.
Users reviews
3.75 / 5 56 ratings


User Benefits

Metal grip. Dynamic limbs made of laminated fibreglass and hardwood.
Ease of use
Ergonomic grip for firm hand hold. Supplied with adjustment tools.
Easy assembly / dismantling
Clip on limbs. False string supplied, making it easier to set up bow string.
Metal grip. Tempered steel attachments, making it resistant to corrosion.


Structure : 70.0% Aluminium, Structure : 20.0% Glass - Fiber (FG), Structure : 10.0% Polyamide
Designed to
more intermediate archers. This bow allows you to shoot up to 70 m away using arrows with steel arrowheads.
2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).


Maintenance advice
To optimise performance, think to replace string and arrow rest in the event of visible wearing.
Storage instructions
Dismantle bow after use to prolong lifespan of limbs and preserve string's effectiveness. Store away from damp and heat.
Restrictions for use
Never leave children practising archery alone without an adult.


66 inches = 24 lbs. 68 inches = 28 lbs.
Take down limbs. Limbs made of fibreglass and hardwood.Bowstring Nocking set Magnetic arrow rest. False string Plunger button Adjustment tools
Standard inserts for attaching sight, clicker, plunger-button and stabilizers. Use arrows best suited to your bow's draw weight and your draw length.Standard ILF fitting system 23" grip size
/!\ Never leave a bow in the hands of child that is not under constant supervision, store bow and arrows out of their reach /!\ Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres /!\ Never aim at: a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear /!\ Inspect your arrow before each shot to ensure that it is in good condition, remove your arrows when no one is behind you /!\ Failure to follow safety instructions can lead to FATAL INJURIES.

Users reviews

3.75 / 5 56 ratings
42 users recommended this product

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  • Woman
    40-49 years old
    25 September 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Feed back from my order

    Item was good ,delivery was good,very plants ,would use again

  • Man
    30-39 years old
    14 October 2017
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    Arcos para caza.

    Este arco no sirve para caza. A tal fin tengo un arco de mayor potencia, que viene en un kit, a un precio menor

    Brand's answer :

    Buenos días,
    Primero de todo agradecerle que nos haya dejado su comentario.
    De momento, Geologic produce arcos dedicados al tiro olímpico, y con potencias de iniciación e nivel intermedio. Por eso, éstos arcos no sirven para la caza.

    Vuelvo a agradecerle que nos haya hecho llegar su opinión.



  • Man
    20-29 years old
    28 July 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    El arco en si esta muy bien, aunque deberia tener mas intrucciones para su montaje ya que no es facil a la hora de montar las palas y la cuerda sobre todo si eres novato, por lo demas muy bien, fuerte y potente!

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