Innovation for satisfaction

Man is a creator. For us, creation and innovation are two powerful values. By innovating we seek to offer as many people as possible the possibility of testing their skills with a target sport. Archery, darts, petanque and other target sports are a guarantee of hours of fun and satisfaction. Each day GEOLOGIC designs new products by focusing attention on the users to satisfy and anticipate their every need.

Our values : Intuition, Safety, Accuracy


Sport is a source of pleasure. When we appreciate a sport, we want to do it as often and as easily as possible. The whole GEOLOGIC team is constantly working on new innovative and instinctive products so that everyone can discover, progress and perform well at target sports, from their first arrow, their first dart and their first game of pétanque.


Hitting the target, pushing oneself, winning! GEOLOGIC looks to create totally reliable products so that players can perform better and better, time after time. Archery for example, combines concentration, balance, lucidity and precision. Precision to never lose sight of our ambition: to enable you to discover, share and love target sports.


Throughout the entire development process, GEOLOGIC products are thoroughly tried and tested in accredited laboratories and by groups of users to guarantee a totally safe target sport activity. Once the product is on the shelves, we continue to test and improve it thanks to your comments and insight.