How to stand when shooting

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Are you fed up with seeing your arrows fly into the neighbour’s garden? Then read on, it’s not very complicated. Just a few practical tips and you will soon be surprising your friends and family by becoming the next Robin Hood.  

Why is your position important?


What a great feeling it is when your arrow hits the bull’s-eye. First you have to know how to take aim. And to aim correctly requires the good position, and therefore precision. And this is where we can help! 

Having the right shooting position improves performance while preventing all risk of injury. Safety is extremely important both for the archer and other people and means a few basic rules must be respected (link to safety rules).

By the way, do you know what it means to be correctly positioned? 

It means being able to shoot an arrow straight time after time while being relaxed and concentrated.  

Having a good position means:

  • Your body is in line with the target
  • A good upright stance with your feet firmly on the ground
  • A straight back
  • Your elbow is at the right height
  • Your shoulder is in the right position
  • Correct position of your bow arm and elbow


What is a good stance?

 For a close look into the subject, here’s a video to watch that will teach you the movements and postures to adopt for your next shooting session.  

Shooting Positions

So now you have had the training you are ready to take aim. What better way to make the most of the warm sunny days with your friends or family by trying out your new found accuracy!

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