How to choose your electronic dartboard ?

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An electronic dartboard is ideal for playing darts in a group and should be chosen according to the number of players, the game and the screens.

Additional features may also be important for you depending on what you are looking for.

Many criteria determine the choice of electronic dartboard:

1. Player numbers

Usually between 1 and 8

2. The number of games

Unlimited but it is good to have Cricket, the game used for the world championships.

3. The number of variants

For variations of different games to maintain interest and for added fun.

4. Handicap feature

A popular feature when you have two players with completely different skill levels playing together (novice vs competitor or child vs an adult).

5. Number of screens

Between 1 and 4 screens to display multiple player scores.
Screens may be low energy LCD or LED which is brighter and easier to read.

6. Power supply

- Batteries: The dartboard can be placed wherever you like – there is no need for a power socket.
Mains: No recharging of batteries, better use of LED boards which require more energy.

7. Board cabinet

A smart way to integrate your dartboard into your home with easy storage of your darts in the cabinet doors.


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