How to choose your darts ?

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Every dart is composed of at least a plastic or metal tip fitted to a fine barrel at the end of which there is the feather or flight. They come in different colours and are made of different materials, but must be at least 20cm long and not weigh more than 50 grams.


There are several types of tips; plastic (nylon, …) or steel (brass, …) and their length varies from 15 to 60mm.


The barrel of a dart is the central part held by the player when throwing. Different finishes are available (ribbed, striated), and they can be made of different metals (brass, copper, tungsten).


There are many different types and shapes of flights. The key purpose of the flight is to stabilize the dart during the flight. The most common materials used to make the fights are polyester and nylon fabric.

Considering the various characteristics of the darts, the stance and type of throw, the best way to choose your darts is to try several different types to see how they feel in your hand, how they feel when you throw them, the grip, flight stability, how they look, the weight, etc...

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