How to choose the right petanque boules ?

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Choice depends on the following :

- How often you play (occasionally, regularly)
- Your game (Shooter, all-rounder, pointer)
- The diameter (16 to 25cm)
- The hardness (hard, soft, mid-soft)
- Weight and design (striped, few stripes, smooth)


Frequency of play

The choice of boules depends on whether you are an occasional or frequent player. Recreational boules are recommended for occasional and novice players, while more regular players are recommended to buy federation approved boules.


Type of game / Diameter / Hardness / Weight and Design

Players have one of the following roles: shooter, all-rounder and pointer.

The shooter, who specialises at shooting or aiming his boules at an opponent’s boule in order to dislodge it requires lightweight, soft, large diameter boules to maximise the chances of hitting his opponent’s boule and have a smooth surface to prevent rubbing against the hand when shooting.

The pointer whose job is to throw his boules as close as possible to the jack, requires small, relatively heavy boules for easy control, hard, to stand up to the impacts, and striped to grip the ground when thrown.

As for the all-rounder, who both shoots and points, he needs mid-soft boules with only a little marking. Basically, something between what a shooter and a pointer use.

NB: the diameter of your boules depends on the size of your hands, remember to measure your hand size before choosing your boules.



The different features, the manufacturer, production material (steel, carbon...) all have an influence on the price of your boules which can vary from €10 to over €250.

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